Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What does 21st Century Learning mean to you?

Hi there,  my name is James Nunes and I teach grade 7 and 8 Music and Health and Physical Education at Peel Alternative School South.  This is my first official blog post - and what a cool way to do it!  This post is part of a blog hop with other Peel educators.  A bunch of us are writing short blog entries answering the following question: What does 21st Century Learning mean to you?  To make it interesting and to test our powers of succinctness, we are limited to 100 words.  Below is my entry and links to the entries of the other participating educators. 



What does 21st Century Learning mean to you?

21st century learning is about taking education from the abstract and theoretical to the authentic and practical.  It is about shifting from isolated individual and group work to real, meaningful and effective collaboration.  It is about shifting the roles in the classroom so that everyone becomes a teacher and a learner.  It is about the power and potential of connecting every student, teacher, administrator, classroom, school, and community with one another.  It is about excitement, empowerment, engagement, and voice.   I want to teach and learn in this environment and I know that my students do too. 

- James Nunes

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